Consultancy reports are those not in the open literature, and for which payment is required.

However, the reality is that there is still very little reliable information in the world on hydrocarbon depletion, and there is much that is unreliable.

In the interests of disseminating useful information, we list the reports below. We have no commercial links with the publishers of these reports, and offer no formal endorsement.

(a).  Existing Reports

(Results on this website broadly reflect the research in the first five consultancy reports listed below, to which interested readers may wish to refer.)

  -  Undiscovered Petroleum Potential. J.H. Laherrère, A. Perrodon and G. DeMaison.
Petroconsultants S.A., Geneva, 1994.

  -  The World’s Supply of Oil, 1930 – 2050. C.J. Campbell and J.H. Laherrère
Petroconsultants S.A., Geneva, 1995.

  -  The World's Gas Potential. J.H. Laherrère, A. Perrodon and C.J. Campbell.
Petroconsultants S.A., Geneva, August 1996.

  -  The World's Non-Conventional Oil and Gas. A. Perrodon, J.H. Laherrère and C.J. Campbell.
      The Petroleum Economist Ltd., London, March 1998.

  -  Analysis of Global Oil to 2050. M.R. Smith. The Energy Network.
      (E-mail:, March 2002.

(b).  Forthcoming Reports

    We understand that IHS Energy/Petroconsultants is preparing a consultancy report incorporating data on conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons, both resources and predicted production patterns, as a function of possible future cost and technology levels.

    We also know that The Energy Network (whose reports likewise cover conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons) updates its reports at regular intervals.

Updated: 28/Nov/2002