The information in the website is based on the analyses of A. Perrodon, J.H. Laherrère, G. Demaison, Dr. C.J. Campbell and Dr. M.R. Smith.1

The ‘Oil Group’ at the University of Reading 2 has checked aspects of these analyses in detail. Additional research has been carried out by the author.

The data used are from a wide variety of industry sources, including that of IHS Energy/Petroconsultants. The latter provides detailed information on every oil and gas field in the World; and gives extensive wildcat histories, allowing regional discovery trends to be determined. The data sets have been subject to considerable comparison, checking and adjustment.

This site also draws on extensive information provided by individuals within oil companies, governments, energy research institutions and academic bodies. For this assistance, both on and off the record, we are extremely grateful.

Special mention must be made of the advice provided by Dr. George Leckie, formerly of IHS Energy/Petroconsultants, Mr. L.F. Ivanhoe of the M.K. Hubbert Center for Petroleum Supply Studies, Colorado School of Mines, USA; Dr. C.J. Campbell, Ireland; and M. J.H. Laherrère, France.

A particular debt is owed to the pioneering work of Mr. H.R. Warman of BP, and Dr. M.K. Hubbert of Shell.


1. See Further Information>>Consultancy Reports

2. The ‘Oil Group’ at the University of Reading, UK, consists of Professors M.L. Coleman and B.W. Sellwood of the Postgraduate Research Institute for Sedimentology; Dr. J.D. Burton, Mr. R.H. Booth, Dr. R. Mayer and Professor P.D. Dunn of the Dept. of Engineering; Dr. G.R. Whitfield, and the author, of the Dept. of Cybernetics.

Updated: 4/Dec./2002